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Since the RVUSA.com website design is new, and the navigation is set-up differently from what most of you are used to, I thought it would be helpful to explain the different pages under each main navigation item.

This post covers the pages under “RVs For Sale”. If you happen to click on RVs For Sale in the main navigation, it will take you to the Browse All RVs for Sale page, which is the first page in the drop-down menu for that section.

Browse All RVs for Sale

On this page, we have the 10 most popular types at the top, and then the top 12 brands at the bottom. On the left side, we feature 3 random units closest to your location and have a button for “Find Your Next RV”, which will take you to the Advanced Search page.

At the top right, we have a link to the Advanced Search page, and Newcomer’s RV Guide.

For each type, you can click on the type name or image to view both new and used, click on the New text link to view just the inventory marked new for that type, and/or click on the Used text link to view just the inventory marked used for that type. If you don’t see the type you are looking for, click the “Browse All RV Types” button, and see if it’s on that page. If not, please let us know what type you are looking for.

For each brand, we have the number of units that we have listed on the site, the brand name, and logo. You can click on any of those items to view both new and used units by the brand.

Keep in mind, when you get to an inventory page, you can use the Search filter on the left side to narrow down the results.

At the bottom, we have links to the Browse By Brand, Browse by State and Find My Dream RV pages.

RVs by Type

You’ll find that many of our interior pages have 3 featured units that are closest to your location on the left side. If you spot one that you are interested in, you can click on it to view more details. If you want to keep an eye on that unit, click the Save Unit button to save it to your MyRVUSA account.

On this page, we have the 14 different recreational vehicle types that we cover on RVUSA, from Bus Conversions to Truck Campers. Just like on the Browse All RVs for Sale page, you can click on the type name or image to view both new and used for that type, or click on either the New or Used text links below.

On the top right, we have links for you to quickly access the Search RVs by Brand and Search RVs by State pages.

RVs by Brand

At the top of this page, we have Featured RV Manufacturer(s). You can click on their logo, company name, or the More Info link to see more information about the company, and view the units posted on our website for that manufacturer by various dealers across the US.

Then we have the top 12 RV Brands that you can click on to view units posted on our website for each, and a “View All RV Brands” button if you don’t see the one you are looking for. When you click that button, all of the brands in our system will display under it. Each one will have the number of units that are listed on RVUSA, and you can click on the name to view them.

RVs by State

If you would like to start your RV search by focusing on the units listed by dealers in your state, this is the page for you. We have each state listed on this page for you to click on. Remember, you can use the Search filter tool on the left side of the inventory list page to drill down the results.

We have buttons for Search RVs by Brand and Search RVs by Type there on the top right for you as well.

Advanced Search

Making your RV search super easy is really important, and this page does just that. From here you can search by type, brand or model, condition, price range, year range, length range, dry weight range, mileage range, sleeping capacity range, # of slideouts, by state, by zip code radius, seller type, and/or keywords. You can also choose to see only those units that have pictures, videos, and/or pricing, and choose to display 12 or 24 pictures per page on the results. Of course, you can use any number of these fields in combination with one another to find listings that match your criteria.

For example, I could easily do a search for Class C’s, that are between the years of 2010-2014, and is between 32’ and 36’. That gives me 66 listings that match my search. Now I can use the Search tool on the left side to show units that have a sleeping capacity of 1-4 people. That gives me 4 units to look at.

Find My Dream RV

This is a free service that we provide here at RVUSA. It gives you the ability to enter the information about the RV or Trailer you are looking for, enter your contact information, and we’ll send that data over to several dealers close to your location. They will look through their inventory to see if they have anything that matches your needs, and get right back to you. You are under no obligation to buy from the dealers that respond to your email.

That’s it for this section – thanks for reading – I hope it was helpful.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please post them here.

Happy Camping!!

Cindy Spencer  🙂


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